“All Kindsa Girls” Home DVD


All Kindsa Girls traces the evolution of garage/punk rock from its inception in the sixties through current interpretations. Focusing on the career of influential singer/songwriter John Felice and his band the Real Kids, the film examines the significance of music in the lives of performers and fans. In 1976, the year the Ramones and the Sex Pistols issued their first albums, ex-Modern Lover John Felice put together the band that would become the Real Kids. One year later, they recorded the seminal garage/punk classic known as the Red Star Album. All Kindsa Girls documents Felice's continuing search for success.

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Celebrate the Real Kids tour of Japan this Memorial Day weekend with ALL KINDSA GIRLS DVD on sale now!! We are thrilled that the band will finally be performing live for their many fans in Japan and wish we could be there! To our friends Fifi, Fink, and Masao from Teengenerate, enjoy!! japantrkfans