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Watch Nothing is Truer Than Truth now on Hulu and beginning on August 30th, on Amazon Prime!

NTT IFFB Poster 2.0 with large titleWe are thrilled to announce that NOTHING IS TRUER THAN TRUTH premieres this week on the subscription film and television service Hulu, best known for its award-winning original series The Handmaid’s Tale. Beginning August 30th, the film will also be available on Amazon Prime for free streaming and download for all Prime members.

The Hulu premiere will allow over 28 million subscribers in the US and Canada to view the film. The Amazon Prime release will connect the film with an audience of over 100 million viewers, including students and film lovers. Viewers can rate and review the film on Amazon.

Cheryl Eagan-Donovan is interviewed by NPR’s Jefferson Exchange host Geoffrey Riley in a lively conversation with Shakespeare scholar Earl Showerman. Hear it now!

Director Eagan-Donovan joins the Don’t Quill the Messenger podcast to discuss “Nothing is Truer Than Truth.” Listen here!

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